Fairmont Park Neighborhood Assn.

3322 E 25th St.
Des Moines, IA 50317

Making a difference since 2000



  1. FPNA is non profit and proceeds go to helping our neighbors.
  1. The Spirit card helps our neighbors get to know our local business with discount offers, therefore help them make there business successful, and help our neighborhood grow.
  1. It’s a win, win situation. The Buyer gets to reap all the benefits of the spirit card over and over until Feb 10th 2016. Helping the family spend time together and stretch the family budget, therefore saving hundreds of dollars for ONLY $10.00. The money is recycled into our neighborhood helping out the residents. (Schools, Night Out, etc.)


 Download and print the Spirit Card flyer.         

Contact us to find out how to get your Fairmont Neighborhood Association Gear.


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